The Basic Traits to Become a MMA Fighter


A fighter needs to be strong enough to control his opponent through powerful kicks and punches and at the same time, absorb the impact and resist the force of the opponent. Power, speed and endurance to perform at a higher level is crucial to winning MMA fights. Hence, a training program has to address all the above characteristics without even a minute compromise. In combat sports, the beauty of the training is in developing the strength and conditioning.


Becoming a professional fighter is not easy. It requires a lot of in-born qualities that are not normally present in others. The very first attribute is the physical attribute. If you have good physical strength by birth, it is a blessing for becoming a professional MMA fighter. The second attribute is the mental toughness that the individual gets through upbringing and experience. Once these attributes are present, experience in martial art or any contact sport will help the individual to get adapted to MMA training more easily.Listed below are the traits required (in detail) for becoming a MMA fighter.


Physical Toughness:The individual who wants to train in MMA need to take abuse on his / her muscles, ligaments and skin, and still keep going with the game. Injuries are one of the biggest factors that keeps the individuals away from training. Injuries delays the progress of the fighter. When a person is training for MMA, it can really be exhausting and there might be some physical abuse each day. The person should be able to take it and should also know how to recognize the signs of over training to avoid getting injured.


Mental Toughness: A person who can withstand the pain and physical punishment is the right person for Crazy88MMA training. He / She needs to be motivated and welcome physical exhaustion with all the heart. MMA requires mental toughness at all levels and on all days as it is a continuous process.


Discipline:Discipline is important to achieve any of your life’s goal. And in the case of MMA training, it is doubled. One has to make a lot of sacrifice as the first few years of MMA training is literally a life at gym. Also, one cannot expect any financial gain during the training years. There is no alternative career in parallel, no leisure time or any other relationship while training for MMA. Any of the above acts as a disadvantage if you want to fight in the competition.


Intelligence: There are so many techniques involved in the MMA training. The person who wants to excel in MMA needs to have keen observation, be quick in learning and a sharp brain to grasp those techniques. MMA fighters might seem to others as people with physical strength but what they do not know is the fact that they are very intelligent people who can face any person with a different skill set and ability. Every time, an opponent comes, it is essential for the player to recognize the opponents’ skills and strengths and adjust his skills accordingly. Adaptability is the key to MMA players.


Attitude: MMA players can never be defensive. They need to be ready at all times and willing to hurt their opponent. The players’ attitude in the game will determine the success of the player.


Support: No individual can succeed on his own. There are a whole bunch of people behind every MMA players’ success. Coaches, trainers, equipment and environment and a lot more guide and push the MMA player towards success. Other than that, MMA players also need the right set of support people who would help the player recover from injuries and nurture the passion within.


A Background in Martial Art: It will play to the advantage if the player had a martial arts background in the past. Years of training in martial art will help the person achieve a lot during practise. Also, the player needs to be expert in at least one martial art form. There is no use in relying upon all the styles if you don’t have a strong fundamental knowledge on one skill.


There should be one superior ability that adds strength to the fighting style. A strong background in one martial art form will also help to learn techniques more quickly and gives the required strength to face the opponent.A MMA fighter needs a mix of speed, strength and endurance to be successful. Any athletic experience in the past is a pre-requisite to a career in MMA.


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